Beginners Croquet Sessions

Beginners Croquet Sessions

We welcome beginners at any stage of the season and suggest that enquirers turn up at a suitable club sessions after speaking to, or emailing us.

We teach complete beginners and rusty garden croquet players to play Golf Croquet which is the more sociable of the two games and quicker to pick up.

Most people can play effectively against other beginners after half an hour and thereafter can extend their skills and enjoyment week by week.

We are happy to instruct at the individual level though sometimes if a group of beginners start together it can be more fruitful to run a group course, we have an organised structure for that if required.

Some enquirers have played Association croquet before in which case they will be able to join in on any of the Club session. We also provide coaching for Association Croquet, depending on how readily the skills are recalled.

Contact Us

As a first step we suggest you contact our membership secretary


New new players arrive at the start of the season and we recognise this with a tapered scale of fees depending on the month of joining.

The standard playing member subscription rate in 2017 is £225 (April to March) and for a new member is £165 but pro rata if joining later.

Out of Season

During the months between October and March you do not have to wait for fine weather. We keep at least one lawn open throughout the winter and generally play on Sunday and Thursday mornings. The bar is open on Sundays from 12.

You are welcome to come and meet us. We will allow a couple of free sessions so that you can decide whether or not the club suits you.